In search of growth and innovation

The company’s history dates back to the early 1990s, when Louis and Jocelyn Maisonneuve founded Gouttières des Laurentides at a residence in Saint-Joseph-du-Lac. The two brothers had previously accumulated many years of experience installing eavestroughs. Two years later, their father Edgar and brother Claude joined the team as representatives. In its early days, the family-run business owned only a single truck. But the company’s growth quickly took off, especially with the construction of its production facility in Deux-Montagnes.

In 1999, Gouttières des Laurentides’ distribution company OAM was founded. In an effort to boost its competitiveness, the company decided to focus on quality, innovation and the distribution and sale of its products, as well as the skills of its employees. In 2008, a more modern and spacious facility was opened in Saint-Eustache to handle production, meet growing demand and create new and competitive products.

A proud leader

Gouttières Laurentides has over 50 years of expertise in Quebec’s aluminum industry and continues to develop new and sustainable methods suited to local climate conditions while paying particular attention to the environment and the safety of its workers. The company’s third generation of experienced leaders is now carrying on this proud tradition, offering innovative products and services to property owners, building contractors, architects and disaster restoration companies throughout Quebec.

Jocelyn Maisonneuve

Co-founder and mentor

Jocelyn Maisonneuve became familiar with the business world during his childhood and was inspired by his father, a businessman and owner of Embrun’s cheese shop, a convenience store where Jocelyn worked as a gas station attendant and a Western Tire location in Ontario. While working in his father’s store, Jocelyn developed his talent for engineering by assembling and repairing bicycles. At the age of 16, he decided to trace his own path and entered the roofing business. With a skill for working at heights, he later turned to carpentry, constructing many homes—including the future homes of his family. When his father and brother Claude started producing eavestroughs in Ontario, he quickly understood the potential of this industry and decided to study tinsmithing. Seizing the opportunity, he opened a branch in Quebec with his brother Louis Maisonneuve.

Julie Villeneuve


Growing up, Julie was also inspired by entrepreneurs, like her parents, who owned the Clo-Ville restaurant in the municipality of Blue Sea, Quebec. After her father suffered an accident, the three of them decided to return to family in Gatineau, where Julie’s mother opened a ceramics studio. That’s where Julie discovered her passion. Four years later, she received a grant for young entrepreneurs and opened her own studio in Gatineau. She would later open a ceramic store with Jocelyn’s sister France Maisonneuve. Julie and Jocelyn eventually got married and began working together while Julie continued to support her family. Now married for 25 years, they both work for Gouttières des Laurentides.

Sarah Maisonneuve


Sarah was just one year old when Gouttières des Laurentides opened for business in 1990. Her natural curiosity often led her to explore the materials and machinery stored in the basement of her house, from where the business was run in those days. As the business expanded, the family relocated to Deux-Montagnes. Their new home’s yard was directly adjacent to that of the family business, where Sarah’s cousin, uncles, aunt and grandparents worked, and Sarah was eager to join them. Her first job was packaging small pieces of aluminum for $2 a box. She then worked on the production line and became team leader at age 18. Sarah’s thirst for learning led her to acquire professional experience abroad, but she would always return to the family business, her true passion. Driven to take the company forward, she earned a management degree from HEC Montréal business school. Now a co-owner alongside her parents and a mother of two, Sarah is committed to grooming the company’s fourth generation of leaders.

Lissa Maisonneuve

Accounting manager

Lissa has a degree in sales and financial accounting. She’s part of the company’s third generation and is responsible for ensuring continuity in the financial management of the business.

Danny Maisonneuve

Representative and installer

Using his impressive manual skills, Danny began his career climbing rooftops for Gouttières des Laurentides, just like his father did. He currently contributes his expertise as a representative.

Hugo Lavallée

Sales director

Hugo Lavallée is Sarah Maisonneuve’s spouse and a member of the current generation of leaders at Gouttières des Laurentides. He has occupied various positions at the company, spending seven years as an installer before becoming a representative and, finally, sales director. Hugo draws on his in-depth knowledge of various services to effectively manage the sales and installation teams.

Philosophy and values

Day after day, the Gouttières Laurentides team strives to offer its customers the best products and services on the market, taking inspiration from its cherished values.


We continually upgrade our technologies and methods in order to provide durable and effective eavestrough systems for our residential and commercial customers.

The environment

Our products are designed with environmental protection and the well-being of future generations in mind. Our aluminum supplier employs production methods that reduce fuel consumption and limit greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we recycle aluminum and produce our products on-site to reduce losses. We also offer water dispensers.


The members of our team work in close collaboration with each other and with our customers and partners to ensure that each stakeholder feels respected and all relationships are mutually beneficial. Our business culture focuses on the health, safety and well-being of our employees.


To ensure the superior quality of our products and services, we use top-of-the-range materials and work with qualified installers and professionals who have many years of experience.

The Gouttières des Laurentides advantage

Why choose Gouttières des Laurentides?

Our team's solid experience has been passed on through three generations.
We offer a comprehensive range of products, including 7” industrial eavestroughs that are hard to find among our competitors.
Our large team includes specialists equipped to respond to any of your needs in a timely manner as well as highly professional customer service staff for after-sales services.
We take care of the environment during both the production and installation of our products.
We constantly strive to enhance our products and services in order to remain a leader in the commercial and residential eavestrough businesses.
Our family business is based on a sense of community, meaning we put sharing first and respect the limits of all individuals.
The members of our team support one another, enabling us to work toward a common goal. They all contribute to our projects according to their individual abilities and skills.
We offer update services via Email and telephone.
We notify our customers 24 hours prior to installation.
We call back our customers quickly and our representatives will travel to you to issue a free quote.
We can advise you on flowerbed arrangements.
We offer products in a wide range of colours (over 40 shades, with more available by special order) and materials to ideally suit the layout of your property.