Fastening system Alu-Rex

Gouttières Laurentides is an “ELITE” gutter installer according to the categories set by the gutter manufacturer Alu-Rex. Its many years of experience with the T-Rex continuous hanger, its rigorous working methods and the complete training its team has received on Alu-Rex products make it a company you can trust.



The T-Rex is a continuous aluminum fastening system designed for new gutters.

The T-Rex system has a significant advantage: it makes new gutters 50% stronger. How? By being installed on their full length, thereby eliminating any structural weakness.

It prevents the buckling of gutters under the weight of a ladder or an ice pack in winter. Moreover, as it prevents snow from entering, gutters do not expand due to alternating freeze-thaw.

In addition, the system can withstand heavy rains thanks to the Alu-Perf technology tested by the independent testing company Intertek.

Finally, the T-Rex comes with a lifetime warranty on product strength and manufacturing defects plus a 40-year warranty on obstructions.

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